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Happy New Year!!

Thanks to everyone who has helped support CGA over the past year.  We found forver homes for lots of pups thanks to you.  Whether you run a Meet & Greet, are a foster home, do home visits or help out the board,  we certainly appreciate your help and couldn't do what we do without you!  THANK YOU!!

If you haven't been to a Meet & Greet yet, make it a New Years Resolution to attend one.  They are a great way to give back a little and help the hounds in foster care find greyt forever homes just like yours.  Hope to see you soon!


Two More Foster Hounds
Say hello to Red and Shakira, our latest foster pups.  These two cuties won't last long, so check them out!

End Of Year Foster Update
A couple more pups found forever homes, so a big congrats to Frank & Indi!  Frank was adopted by Margaret & Indi by Aaron & Linda.  Welcome to the pack!  Let's see if we can help the rest of the foster crew find homes too! 

Big Foster Update!
Lots of adoptions to report and two new fosters!

Beau, adopted by Carolyn
Don, adopted by Zach
George, adopted by Rachel & Peter
Legend, adopted by Bernard
London, adopted by Paula
Runner, adopted by Thomas & Christine

Congrats everyone!!  Come join us with your new friend at our picnic!  We'd love to see you all again.  And lets not forget the two new pups, Boston & Zippy!!

Three New Fosters!!
We added three new foster pups.  Check out PJ, London and Runner before they are gone.  These guys are all extra cute and won't last long.

Two More Fosters Added
Two new foster pups have just been added.  They are Dawtry and Legend and they join Nubies in their quest for a forever home.  Is it yours?  Check them out and see.

More Adoptions To Report
Well it's nothing but good news for the following hounds!  They have all found forever homes!

Bear, adopted by Michael & Nancy
Chad, adopted by Marc & Laura
Fuzzy, adopted by Heather & Kenneth
Sunny, adopted by Tracey

Congrats to hooman and hounds alike!  Welcome to the pack!

Four More Pups Are Going Home!
2014 continues at a good clip, we have four more adoptions to report:

Ghost, adopted by Ben
Meatball, adopted by Cynthia
Ray, adopted by Pete
Richard, adopted by Mark & Joyce

Congrats and welcome to the pack!  Bring your new friends to the Maple Fest!

Three More Adoptions!
It was another good year for CGA, wrapping up with the adoption of Bud by Bridget & Peter.  2014 got off to a good start with Fanta being our first adoption!  She was adopted by Sally & her family (pictured below).  Abigail was also adopted by Phyllis!  Congrats to all!

Two More Fosters
Two more fosters have joined the CGA foster pack, looking for forever homes.  Check out Bud and Nubies before they are gone!

Four More Adoptions!
It's great news for Ivy, Payable, Star & Sweet Pea!  They have all found forever homes.  Ivy has been adopted by Sheila & Andrew, Payable by Jorge & Helen, Star by Dani and last but certainly not least Sweet Pea has been adopted by Theresa!  Congrats to hooman and hound alike!!

Three New Fosters
Three more pups have arrived into CGA's care.  Hopefully they find a forever home in time for the holidays.  Is it yours?  Meet Abigail, Ghost & Payable.